Dvd Image - Unknown Region - determine?

OK, I get a DVD image, plays fine on the PC with PowerDVD, but before burning it, how can I tell what region it is? My player is not region-free and I don’t want to waste time making the image region free if I don’t have to. Or maybe I just don’t know a simple tool to burn it region free regardless of what it was originally.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s very simple: rip again the movie removing also region protection :wink:

DVD Decrypter allow to do this :iagree:

DVD Shrink allows you to create a region-free backup also. :slight_smile:

Mount the image on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools. Get IfoEdit & open the Video_TS.IFO file. Click on VMGM_MAT and you should then see the region code mask. It’ll tell you the regions. If it’s region free then go ahead & burn it otherwise Decrypter or Shrink is needed.

OK Thanks, I’ve got DVD Shrink, so I guess its just as simple to pass it through that. Is there any tool though, which will simply look at a DVD or its image and TELL you what region it was created for?

That’s what I gave you although perhaps not quite as simple as you’d like.

Thanks Tim, somehow I didn’t see your 1st post. Your solution is fine by me, thanks a lot.