DVD Image Spanning


I want to backup my 8GB DVD disk. It is easy to get a DVD-9 DVD-R disk… But i want to check if i can do it in two 4GB disks… (2x4GB disks are cheaper than one 8GB disk… Or the drive supports only 4GB disks… or simply trying somethign new…).

I tried PowerISO which supports spanning .daa image which i can mount as a virtual drive. But the issue is… All the spanned parts should be in the same folder before it can mount. which means, I need to copy it all to my HDD before i can mount. This is not what i was thinking… (I can very well achieve the same by a simple .iso file, split into 2 parts using hjsplit… and burn into two 4GB DVDs…).

Is there any way, Any image format, that is truly spannable… Prompting for the location everytime it needs… so that i can just mount it from a DVD drive, without copying to my HDD first?.

Thanks & Regards