DVD image quality problem in Nero



Hi there,

I just purchased a Sony DVD burner for my computer this weekend. I already have a DVD recorder for my TV, and I use it to record TV shows.

Whenever I put the DVDs of the TV shows that I recorded into my regular DVD recorder, the picture quality is perfect and the audio sounds normal. However, when I put the discs into my computer’s DVD burner and play the files in Nero, the image quality is greatly reduced, as if I had recorded it on a lower quality setting, and the audio sounds like an old VHS tape.

The DVD recorder for my TV automatically records files in the MPEG-2 format, so Nero software should be able to read that. Right? Why can’t Nero software play my MPEG-2 files exactly like they look when I play them in my regular DVD recorder for my TV? Do I need to do something special or download something extra to play these files? I’m frustrated because I have high quality recordings that play in low quality on my computer.


Could be that the PC monitor has much higher resolution.


No, it’s not a monitor problem. It’s the actual video itself, and I can actually see that tiny wobbly line at the very top of my screen that shows the audio isn’t working properly. It’s kind of like how VHS tapes used to look when the audio was bad.


try taking the files(as data) from the recorder disc and put them on your pc(hard drive),then rip em with to an RW(so you don’t waste a disc) disc to see if that does anything.


Can you post a screen shot of the files on that DVD? Did you try another DVD player software?


Just to let you guys know that I’m a dork. LOL. I was recording a TV show that broadcasts with an analog signal, since I don’t have HDTV, and I took my DVD to CompUSA to test it out in one of their computers. The guy there said that all shows that are recorded from analog signals will have that little wobbly line at the top of the recording. Also, I called tech support for my DVD recorder, and I realized that I should’ve used RCA plugs to connect my cable box to my DVD recorder, not another cable cord. It made the difference between regular audio and slightly-off audio. :slight_smile:

Oh well, another newbie solves their problem.


@ swiffer
Glad to hear you resolved your problem. Thanks for reporting back with your solution as it may help others in the future:).