DVD image file and drives

Hi all – just registered and this is my first post.

Just got an LG GSA-H10L DVD burner. My two drives are a Lite-on DVD ROM and the new burner. I am copying NON copyright protected DVDs. Nero 7 Ultra.

First question: I have it set to create an image file on the hard drive. By default, “Delete image file after copying” is checked. I want to burn more than one copy. Should I uncheck the "Delete . . . " box or start over each time or is it safe to re-use the image file created the first time. I choose quality over speed.

Second question: I just read in the help file, and of course I can’t find it again LOL, that Nero recommends using the writing drive to also read the original. I have it set up now to read from one drive and write to the other. Should I use the new burner to both read and write, given that I’m using an image file? Again, I choose quality over speed.

Three: I’ve seen something somewhere [alcohol 120 or EAC???] about cool-down time. Should let the drive(s) cool down between burns? If so, how long.

Hi MelissaR, welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t be too hard, I believe:

  1. You can re-use the same image file, so uncheck…
  2. You have the DVD-ROM in there, so you might as well use it for ripping.
  3. 5 minutes should be fine.

Let us know if you have any additional questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I’m sitting here with drives all ready to go and Nero minimized.

My last experience with DVD burning was in using my friend’s new Dell computer a few weeks ago, which came with burner and, I think, Sonic software. I made one of disc 1, then the stupid thing created a set of disc 1 and disc 2 coasters. Tried again the following week, 1 copy of disc 2, and another set of coasters. Before you ask, the answer is Fuji -R the first week, and TDK -R the second week. Drove me crazy! Only one drive, and I tried cooling down in between – no joy.

Do you have any idea, given the information, what the problem could have been?

No, I’m sorry, I don’t have an explanation for that. Just try it with the new LG :slight_smile: . If you just installed it, have you checked DMA is On (linky)? Which media will you be using (Start -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit -> Nero CD-DVD Speed -> Disc Info tab)? If it’s 16X rated discs, burn them at 12X speed.

Hmmmm. No “Advanced” tab under controller properties! Just “General,” “Driver,” and “Resources.” Hmmmm. [I am, BTW, a geek]

I installed the LG in place of the Lite-on CD-RW that came with the puter – bought in 2002.

XP Home, SP1; intel 82801BA ultra ATA controller; Primary IDE; Secondary IDE. No forth tab to be found anywhere.

I knew about lower burning speeds from burning CDs – I was advised early by people I trade audience recordings with – so I set the burn speed at 8x.

What is DMA? Googled it and found nothing but Direct Marketing Associaton, and that [I]can’t[/I] be right LOL

I think it stands for Direct Memory Access. No tab there, eh? Check Start -> Programs -> Intel Application Accelerator. It will show you the UDMA settings for your IDE-drives. You’ll probably see UDMA2 for the DVDRW and DVD-ROM. I’m not 100% certain, but with an 80-wire IDE ribbon cable (as opposed to 40-wire, which is common for PC’s of that era) the LG may get up to UDMA4. If the burns go well as is, it isn’t a must to change the cable.

Primary is UDMA-5. The LG is UDMA-2, 40-wire.

First DVD is good copy, so I shouldn’t worry about changing the cable?

Problem: When I open the image file, File|Open [filename.nrg], I get a dialogue box I don’t understand. I was starting to describe it, but I think a screenshot is better. Here’s the photobucket link:

http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a224/capecodgal/Neroimagedialoguebox.jpg]Nero image dialogue box

I can’t find in any settings what the header and trailer are, or if the other info is correct. Don’t know if this is raw, because I don’t know what that is LOL

For cryin’ out out, Nero just created this image file – doesn’t it know it’s own settings!

For now, just leave the cable as is. nrg is a Nero image file type, but it doesn’t appear to be associated with the program. If you can, choose “Open with” then select Nero (if it’s not listed, browse to the Nero program folder) and tick “use this program in the future” (something like that). Nrg files should show with a Nero icon in explorer. (couldn’t access your screenshot, but it shouldn’t matter)

Check that first burn by doing a “Transfer Rate Test” in Nero CD-DVD Speed (Benchmark tab, press F2). It should give a clean upwards sloping green read spead line, without too many dips. You can save the image of the test as a .png file by clicking on the little floppy icon on top of the CD-DVD Speed window and attach it here (Go Advanced -> Manage Attachments) if you wish.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my explanation. I opened the image file from within Nero. Here’s the screenshot:

What will the Transfer Rate Test tell us? Do I do it on the burned DVD or the empty drive?

If Nero created it, it’s funny it should call it a Foreign Image :confused: I’d just click OK there. What happens if you start Nero Express and choose “Disc Image or Saved Project”, then browse to and select the .nrg file? It should burn this straight away, no questions asked.

The TRT shows whether there are any problems or slowdowns in reading back the burned disc (don’t do it with an empty disc). Unfortunately LG’s can’t do “Disc Quality” scans, which would give even more information about the burning result. You can do a TRT with the LG as well as with the LiteOn DVD-ROM.

In both Nero and Smart start, when I click okay, I get the error message:

“The entered block size does not correspond to the image length. The block size may be wrong. Do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem?”

The value filled in is 2048. There’s a drop down, and my two choices are 2048 or 2352. Both yield the same error message. :sad:

Should I tell it to ignore, or will that just create a coaster?

Re: the TRT – should I do both drives? Should I do this every time I burn a disc or just now to see quality of burn?

I don’t really know, maybe another bug in Nero 7. Don’t understand why it would burn one disc OK from the image and then say there’s something wrong with it. I still use Nero 6 and haven’t seen this. Do you have the latest update to version Maybe rip the dvd once again but with the LG this time.

EDIT: in the Copy Disc dialogue you can also set the “Number of copies” you want to make (in Nero 6 at least). That way you wouldn’t need to go back to the .nrg image if it keeps complaining.

About the TRT, you don’t have to do this on both drives if you’re satisfied with the result of one test. You can use this test in addition to the verify option in Nero. I know it takes time, but until you have some confidence in this new setup and the type of discs you are using, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I have 7.0.13. Where do they post their updates? It doesn’t seem to be in any menus.

In the excitement over finally having a dvd burner, I’d forgotten about setting it to make multiple copies. Silly me, LOL. Thanks.

I ran the TRT and saved. The line was a nice upward line just as you described I should see. What a welcome thing after making coaster sets with my friend’s dell.

I have a question about editiing ability. Is the convention here to start a new thread so others can find it?


You can find the update browsing www.nero.com or here’s a link to one of the Nero ftp-servers (I think yours is English): ftp://ftp2.nero.com/software/nero7/Nero-

If you keep getting the error message with new .nrg images, try uninstalling the Intel Application Accelerator. Maybe it’s messing something up with the Nero image writing/reading (just a wild guess).

Let’s hope burns #2 and #3 are as good as the first! You haven’t confirmed the Manufacturer/MID-code of the discs you’re using yet (Disc Info tab in CD-DVD Speed - this is more important than the brand they’re sold under).

For a question on another topic, yes please start a new thread (I’ll try to stay out of it :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I should hop over to Intel and update the Application Accelerator. But first, a trip to XP Create Restore Point. My version is old – a 2001 release! That might do it.
Is is safe or wise to uninstall?

The Man/MID-code info:

unknown [I][[B]![/B] – I bought TDK and that’s what the package and discs say][/I]

What in the world does that mean?

And I will certainly start a new thread about editing, but puhleez DO NOT stay out of it LOL You’ve been such a help — thanx!

Yes, the IAA is safe to uninstall and you can easily download the latest and re-install it again if needed. This is basically an optimized IDE-driver for the Intel chipset on your mainboard. It governs the data transfer between the board and your IDE-devices (hard disks and optical drives). In a similar way as nVidia IDE-drivers can cause problems with Nero and optical drives, to a lesser extent the Intel drivers are known to have some issues as well. The worst that will happen by uninstalling is that your hard disk(s) will work maybe 1 or 2% slower, but it may well solve the image problem (if the Nero update doesn’t). A simple uninstall/install like this shouldn’t require a restore point, but that’s just my personal opinion (I never use them myself). Go as you see fit here.

A discs MID usually shows where it was made, rather than who’s putting their name on the label. Your TDK discs should be OK, TTH02 is one of their own codes). There’s some B-grade TTH02 around, but not sold under TDK’s own brand AFAIK. There is better (Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden manufactured), but a lot worse too.

Good luck with your next burns!

Well, I d/l the nero update – seems the executable is a 128mb full version. I got an error message on install that it was incompatible with the installed version! Me thinks Nero doesn’t have its act together. I dispatched a support request immediately asking, in essence, WTF? [hope that’s okay here?]

My biggest worry is whether the s/n from my purchased version will work on the full-version update. I await a response.

Do you use Nero? It was one of the suites recommended by people I trade audience recordings with. I found it for under $50 at buy.com and went for it.

I gave the link to the “no Yahoo Toolbar” version, maybe if the edition you bought has this installed you need the other one: ftp://ftp2.nero.com/software/nero7/Nero- does the error say exactly?

I use Nero 6 (no_yt) and download/install the updates in a similar way. Sorry, I don’t have a lot of experience with Nero 7 and the various editions thereof. [B]Arachne[/B], if you’re reading this, how do you update your Nero 7? Maybe you can put it on automatic update under Preferences?

I have no yahoo toolbar installed on my system, no how, no way LOL.
The file I downloaded is the no YT version, as you know.

When you install one of these updates, does it ask you for the s/n to activate it? I can uninstall and re-install the purchased copy, and then the d/l over it.

I have no “Preferences” in which to set automatic updates :sad:

Hi MelissaR (and Cressida ;))

What I tend to do these days is DL the update (either with or without Yahoo Toolbar, doesn’t matter)…then remove the current version from my system (I tried installing an update over the top once, messed things right up).

Then after you uninstall your current version, just install the update (as you say, it’s a full version) using your serial number you got when you bought Nero.

I don’t use the Auto Update feature - I just rely on fellow CDFreaks to let us know when an update has been released :wink:

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: