DVD image 2 CD

Hi, I’m new to this. can you make a video cd from a dvd image? also i have a 79
0mb vlc media file movie,can this be fitted to a 700mb cd?

I converted the media file to mpeg4 and to avi. the avi copy was very bad, and the mepg4 is to big to disc on cd.

I used ASHAMPOO shrink&burn 2 to make the avi copy. I also have nero7ultra.

My dvd image is 4.24gb ,ooh i only have a cd-rw drive.

all suggestion welcomed.

  thanks in advance!!!

Hi, it seems your only option is to convert it to SVCD, or VCD formatt that can be burned on standard CD-R, there are alot of programs that can handle that. it’s not my choice of conversions but a few of the programs I have support svcd,vcd …TMPGEnc is one WINAVI video converter is another that I have that supports SVCD and VCD

thanks for the tip ! will the conversion shrink the file to fit on 1 cd?

Maybe 1 CD or two (meaning you’ll have to switch CDs part way through your movie), depending on the quality, I think. :slight_smile:


@snaggs - appears we have something in common…