Dvd Idle Pro



:frowning: Fengtao/Ting,

Can you please advise when you will update DVD Idle Pro ? As the last update was 26 October 2006. :frowning:


Barry White :cool:


Would someone answer the question please? :rolleyes:



Yes, please give us(DVD Idle Pro;CSS users) an answer as to when an update will be out. We are just all waiting and waiting and waiting while the other programs get taken care of. It’s getting very frustrating on the silence/lack of support/unusable/out dated/ response for the other users and myself! We don’t need DVD FAB, would have brought it from the get go. WE ARE IN DIRE NEED FOR AN UPDATE!

Willy P.


Please read this thread especially my post #10.


Not a perfect solution but could help understand and some workarounds.



Thank you for the workaround bigmacnc!!

But I have been forced to use DVD Decrypter since last December. Again thank you!!!


Why not use DVDFab Decrypter it also free and will handle the new copyright protections


I am using it-since December :iagree:


Hello Willypinhead
Welcome to the DVDFab forum glad to see you back :smiley:


this is bull. yall need to update or let us know what is going on cause i have been very patient. yall say say use dvdfab but its only free for 21 days. i payed for dvdidle an yall should update it. if not give us our money back or transfur it to dvdfab. this is bull butter.


Why are you double posting as you know it’s against the forum rules also you should contact the author about this problem not blow off steam in this forum because we can’t help you here as we are just guys trying to help other people. I do understand your anger though because if I was in your position I would be upset also