DVD Identifier



Howdy. I’ve been using DVD Identifier (v3.6.2). Neat program. Question, tho…

Why cannot it recognize a Hollywood DVD? If I author and burn my own DVD, the DVD Identifier program can still recognize the Media Code for the disc even after it’s been burned. What makes the typical Hollywood DVD so special that DVD Identifier cannot recognize the media type? Shouldn’t a Hollywood DVD still have a media type? After all, doesn’t it start as blank media and then some machine mass produces them?

Just curious…


if by “hollywood dvd” you mean a commercially pressed dvd, pressed dvds aren’t produced the same way as you burn a recordable dvd, and the media used isn’t the same either. these blanks are instantly pressed by machine to have the necessary grooves/pits, not burned. the media type is “dvd-rom” and they have no media id.