Dvd identifier wont recognize dvd drive

I have a problem with dvd identifier. It will not recognize my dvd-rom drive. It has worked great in the past as it has identified some verbatim dvd-r 16x as mcc and helped me identify windata clearly as fake ty’s. I haven’t used it in a couple of months but now it will not recognize my dvd-rom drive. Its a samsung sd-616. Don’t know the specific version but it was oem in a dell 8200.

Anyways, all options are grayed out when a dvd is inserted (or left empty). Here is the log of events

[14:51:26] DVD Identifier V5.0.1
[14:51:26] Initializing Drive Interface [Auto-Select ASPI/SPTI]
[14:51:26] SPTI Drive Interface Successfully Initialized
[14:51:26] No Supported Drives Found (Out Of 2 Available Drives)
[14:51:26] Disc Identification Requires A DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray Writer
[14:51:26] Manufacturer Database [08-OCT-06@727$93] Loaded From File : (@727$93) Entries Found

Now I did some house cleaning on my computer a few days ago, so maybe I deleted/changed something but I don’t believe so. Any help would be great.

User system restore to restore your system back to a known good date.

thats not really a viable option because i like the way my system is and have made many changes in the past couple of months. everything else works perfect besides this. and to change everything just for dvd identifier i feel like is not what I want

First try re-installing dvdidentifier. If that doesn’t work, go into control panel/system/devices/hardware, and uninstall both the primary and the secondary IDE’s. Then reboot and let windows autodetect the devices.