DVD Identifier Problem

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I found this forum thru the Digital Video Forum (Digital Digest). I just d/l’d DVD Identifier v5.01 and was trying to find out the mfr of Verbatim DVD+R DL but when I run Identifier I get this error message:

ERROR: Unable To Initialize Disc In Time : Not Ready - Incompatible Medium Installed [02/30/00]

I have an MSI DVD R / RW drive (about 4 years old) and it just occurred to me that it probably cannot burn a double layer disc. How can I verify this?

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Well, there’s checkboxes on the top of DVD Identifier. If the DVD+R DL checkbox is empty, you can’t burn it.
Nero InfoTool can display this too…

I just tried an older Memorex DVD+R and Identifier shows it is a Ricoh. The MSI must not be dual-layer capable. BTW, I plan to switch to Taiyo Yuden exclusively. Also, the discs will be used in my home theater Toshiba RD-XS35 DVD recorder.

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Thanks for replying so fast! What a good catch - I had glanced at those boxes but then spaced 'em out. All of the “DL” boxes are un-ticked. I really appreciate the assist.

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Technically, no I’m not a Dane. I still have my Norwegian citizenship, but I’ve been living in Denmark since I was 5 years old, so for most intents and purposes I’m far more Danish than Norwegian.