DVD Identifier- ADIP Read Failed?

Still new to DVD’s, I am really glad there is a program like DVD Identifier… I scanned some new discs I bought (I wanted +RW’s). I noticed this in the log:

[16:52:49] ** Initiating ADIP Retrieval Method 1 (Original ADIP)
[16:52:49] ADIP Read M1 Failed : Illegal request - Invalid field in CDB [05/24/00]
[16:52:49] ADIP Read Method 1 Not Supported ; A Firmware Upgrade Is Recommended
[16:52:49] ** Initiating ADIP Retrieval Method 2 (Copy Of ADIP)
[16:52:49] ADIP Read Method 2 Completed Without Errors

I have a LG GSA4040 A301, I am thinking of updating to A302.

What does this mean? Should I be concerned?

It’s nothing to worry about, its just saying that it couldnt get the information it wanted with one method so used an alternative method to get the information :slight_smile:

I get it myself, the author did explain it all to me but I can’t remember exactly what it was now, needless to say, as mentioned there is nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

if you’re trying to read the info from a dvd+r/+rw, you might need to burn onto the disc before you can retrieve the ADIP.