DVD+IDE Problem



I have a problem and hoping someone can help,

I have a Western Digital 80GB HD (Master) and a Plextor CDRW (Slave) on IDE chanel 1 and a Pioneer 108 DVD burner (Master) and Western Digital 80GB HD (Slave) on IDE chanel 2. My original set up was the HD on IDE1 as Master and Slave, and Pioneer as Master and Plextor as Slave on IDE2, the CDRW worked fine but Windows stated “Unsupported Format” for any disk inserted into the DVD Writer, so I took the drive back to the shop where they showed me the drive was working fine for all stated media, they suggested I may have had a damaged IDE cable or that the DVD drive did not like “sharing a channel with the CDRW” so I bought a new IDE cable and changed my set up to the one listed at the start of this message, now Windows still states that any disk inserted is “Unsupported Format” and I get a message stating that “Secondary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable Install”, both hard drives work fine and CDRW works fine. I have a PC Chips M848A motherboard and I am running Windows 2000 Pro with service pack 4 and all critical updates installed, can someone please help.


I would suggest you get a new 80 conductor IDE cable (not 40 conductor) for your secondary channel. You need to place the master at the end of the cable and make sure both drives are set to CS (cable select). Maybe this will help.


Have you configured the HD’s to be “master with slave present”? Or just a straight “master”?


I will try an 80 conductor IDE cable as my HD’s are set to master with slave present


Have all devices been set correctly in bios?
Opticals as cdroms, HD’s as correct size.

Can also try auto for all.

Also, you have tried many different discs, right?

Can also be IDE drivers (update to latest)
Can be ASPI (use forceaspi2 (with adaptecs 4.6 - 1021 layer, not adaptecs 4.7x layer)
Have you got any TSR programs like creative disc detector, anyDVD, windvd remote or do you have the patin couffin engine (Blindwrite suite) or any Roxio/EZCD software installed?


I bought an 80 cable connect IDE lead (from PC world £16.99 - a rip off at half the price) and all now appears to be well, who would have guessed (apart from you guys)one dodgy cable could have caused so much hassle, many thanks to those who took the time to share their wisdom

James - The hairybarsteward


Good grief, can that price be real?!?!? I’m glad it fixed the problem but man, that is ridiculous.


You have just reminded me why i never go to PC World or any computer shop like them.
thats just a rip-off
at my local computer shop the price is £1.50p


Um, yep.
I pay $5au (approx £1.5) at all the local shops here for rounded cables with 80 wires.


Take it back to PCWorld and Demand your Money back …if they say No, create a scene in the shop by shouting RIP OFF and telling the customers why…Then tell em you’r going to report them…Allways Works m8…
That Price is Scandelous…


Seriously considering it…