Dvd I made can not be played on car dvd player

I have a big problem that I recorded tv shows from my tivo box, then I used sonic mydvd studio to make dvds. Those dvds can be played on regular dvd player, but they can not be played on car dvd player, got error message. I suspect the menu I made for each dvd cause the problem (nero and mydvd require each dvd have to have main menu). Is there anyone run into this problem before? Any resolution?
Thanks in advance

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It would be helpful to know the error message received. Also waht media are you using , is it DVD+R or DVD-R or a rewritable?

And Nero doesn’t need to produce a menu for a movie unless there are multiple movies/episodes on the DVD.

Thanks TimC,
My car dvd player dose not give any specific message, just won’t play.
I record more than one movies to the dvd, I can’t turn off the menu. I really don’t know if that is the problem.

Try burning just a single movie with no menu. Also make sure the DVD is closed/finalised & that you don’t accidently use multi-session.

my bud had a dvd player i coudlnt get anythign to work right in… dvd+ or dvd- and it was NOT an old player… turns out the fix was to use Taiyo Yuden DVD- media… then it played just fine… so far that is the ONLY media that will play on his unit… so i would try and get ahold of a disc or 2 so you can test the media

Nero does [B]not[/B] require you to have a menu.