DVD HR720 burning problem!?


I’ve burned a show that I recorded on the HR720’s hard disk onto a DVD-RW. It plays in other DVD recorders without problems. So far, so good.

But if I want to play it on the PC all the DVDs fail around around 75% of the length of the movie!? ‘Parameter error’???

I therefore also cannot rip them to AVI since the DVD can’t get read completely. I’ve tried several different DVD-RWs and also different shows from the HD. Always the same error message.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks a lot!

The problem could be bad or cheap DVD-RW media.

But the media is ok if I burn stuff on my PC. And I can watch the burned movie on another DVD player. It’s just that I cannot copy or rip it to my PC!?

No one else had this problem?

It could be that the DVD-RW is not properly supported by the recorder. Most recorders are more sensitive to bad media than PC drives already are.
Try some Verbatim, or Panasonic (only the MIJ Panasonics are good) DVD-RW.