DVD Home Theatre to read from USB?




Its been long since I last enquired abt making MP3DVDs and playing it on my Sony DVD Home Theatre system (DAV-DZ100). Although I was never sucessful in playing MP3DVDs on this system.

I now need to know, whether I could hook-up the DVD Home theatre system to any external Hard disk / USB stick & play music from the files stored therein.

I learn that new systems in market do have a provision for a USB plug-in. Is there any adaptor in mkt which would enable us plug-in the USB stick / Hard disk to older systems (2 yrs old!!)

Hope to receive an early response.

Thank you.

Narayan Shanbhag


DVD mp3 not possible, only CD-rom : See page 30 of the manual.

There is no usb adapter for such a thing, but you could use a media playback system with scart out to directly connect to your tv. Around $300 - $ 1000 depending on what you want.


The system either has USB or it doesn’t, there isn’t an “adapter” to make it support USB.