DVD hitches on PS2, Video Production, AVI to DVD



I’m making a machinima movie of a videogame, captured to lossless AVI, processed through VirtualDubMod, converted to DVD using ULead DVD MovieFactory, and finally burned to DVD+R or DVD+RW using Sonic RecordNow DX.

When I attempt to play the resulting DVD, it works fine in the PC, in an Xbox, and in an Xbox 360. However, attempting to play it in my PS2 results in an occasional skip. The video and audio will pause for a fraction of a second, then skip ahead to where it’s supposed to be and resume playing.

My first thought was that there was bad data on the disk at the point of the skip. But the PI/PO numbers for the DVD+RW are quite low. And reversing to just before the skip and playing results in the part that skipped playing perfectly…and getting another skip later on.

My next theory was that the bitrate was too high, so I’m getting a buffer overrun on the PS2, which presumably has a smaller buffer than a PC or Xbox. But the video has a bitrate of 7000kCBR with an audio stream of 224k MP2. 7224k should not be too fast for a player that runs 11000kCBR commercial movies (such as the Star Wars DVDs) without trouble.

So my current theory is that I am getting some kind of buffer overrun, and that there’s something about how MovieFactory encodes the VOB that causes players to have to buffer more data than they would for a commercially produced DVD. Too many or too few keyframes? Inefficient stream multiplexing? I’m puzzled.

Has anyone else any insight into what might be going on, any advice on what to try, or even just experienced the same problem?

In case it will help, details of my setup and process follow:[ul]
[li]Source: Three AVI clips encoded with HuffYUV (lossless), 720x480, 24bit, 29.97 fps, no interlace.
[/li][li]MovieFactory settings:[list][/li][li]VCD compliant unchecked
[/li][li]resample quality best
[/li][li]frame size 720x480
[/li][li]DVD-VR compliant unchecked
[/li][li]Video data rate = constant, 7000kbps
[/li][li]Audio format = MPEG audio
[/li][li]Audio data rate = 224kbps
[/li][li]MPEG type = MP2
[/li][li]Audio sample frequency = 48KHz
[/li][li]Audio channels = stereo
[/li][li]Output format = Create DVD Folders
[li]I imported the three AVIs, then joined them, then added fade-to-black at the join points, then made sure my settings were correct, and finally ran the conversion
[/li][li]After the conversion I used IfoEdit and DvdPatcher to fix the aspect ratio, making it 16:9. In DvdPatcher I patched the entire VOB.
[/li][li]I ran RecordNow DX in data mode, dragged the AUDIO and VIDEO folders in, and burned either the DVD+R or DVD+RW



I don’t know if this is entirely true, but I think the ODD in PS2 are sucky / picky ones, again.



What’s that, an Output Display Decoder?

So if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that the PS2’s DVD decoder circuits are not very good and they can’t handle (say) VOBs that are interleaved slightly differently than commercial ones.

Ok, I can accept that. So what do I need to do now to make sure that my DVD will play well on a player with a sucky/picky ODD such as a PS2?



The PS2 is quite picky with it’s DVD media. Which media are you using (not just format).


ODD == optical disk drive

Picky with some DVD±R/W media mainly.


Media incompatibility was one of the first things I’d considered. There are three factors that led me to rule that out as the cause:[ul]
[li]The PS2 responds to high error rates by pausing rather than skipping. And usually for longer times than a half-second.
[/li][li]If the PS2 is having trouble reading the data from a particular media, it would have trouble in the same spot. But backing up to just before a skip and replaying that portion always resulted in that portion playing skip-free.
[/li][li]I put other things on the same batch of DVD+R media - and in the case of the DVD+RW media, the same disk - using a different mastering process and had skip-free results. (For the curious, I burned the first season of Red vs. Blue as downloaded from FilePlanet, mastered with Sonic MyDVD Studio)
In any case, I now have an answer: it’s definitely ULead’s encoder. I used the trial version of TMPGenc to encode my material and authored the dvd through ULead again - without transcoding - and got skip-free results on all my players.

Thanks to all for the suggestions and help.

Now, to see if freeware programs like bbMPEG and beSweet can give me results as good as TMPGenc.



Ah, good find!

Maybe try also TheFilmMachine (with 2 free encoders)…