DVD Help

I just installed my first NEC 3500 burner.
I tried to burn a DVD of a file that I captured off my TIVO with Windows Movie Maker. I used TMPGnc 3 Express to convert the file to Mpeg2. When I used Nero 6 to burn as a DVD Video File all I got was a nice coaster. The DVD-r is a -R from New Egg.
Any suggestions?
The NEC does work because I was able to copy a disc with DVD Shrink.

If not, how do you burn any file on your hard drive?

try updating firmware. look here http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=4&manufactor=23. also, could be the brand of dvd blank you are using, or the speed at which you burned it. eg., i have an optorite 401 that claims to burn to dvd-rw @ 4x but coasters any dvd-rw at that speed, so i need to burn it @ 2x to dvd-rw.

How would you convert and burm amy file you have on your Hard Drive?

no need to convert a file if you want to burn it to a dvd as data. just use any burning program, like Nero for example, and burn the data/files to dvd as you would a cd.

it’s not enough to just convert to mpeg2 if you wanted to create a video dvd. you have to author it and create vobs before using nero’s dvd-video layout. i’d suggest looking at dvdlab if you don’t already have a dvd authoring program.

Thanks for the help. I think I have to figured out.