Dvd help



When it comes to burning DVD movies I am a rookie. I realize that there are 3 types of DVD format out there. Most of them are Layer 2 (9 gigs) or even layer 3. Anyway, I have been running into problems burning movies, and have wasted 5 of them so far. I am using DVD-R Princo cd’s! I have installed DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink 2.3, Nero 5.5, and EZ CD Creator. Can anyone help me out or do u know someone that’s is an expert copying DVD movies onto blank DVD-R’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




good lord man

i only use dvd shrink and nero to burn movies …and I have not yet one coaster

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if i get lazy I will use dvdxcopy express version 3

questions message me …just send me a message I am online most of the time


I use AnyDvd and Clone Dvd. No coasters for me either.


me anydvd+dvd2one and nero never have problem