Dvd help

:confused:Hello everybody I was wandering if anyone could help me!!?
Ohk so here goes:
I downloaded a movie from mininova in avi. format. I used windows media player to burn it and now when I put it in the Goodmans DVD player it says blank DVD which I know it isnt as its playing on my computer.(Please note when I put the original blank DVD striaght out of the box into the player it says ‘error disc’).
At the minute I am also burning the same avi. movie on my home PC on Express Burn and its taking ages!!!
Can anyone advice me on what to do? Heard that I would have to convert avi. first?!! Do I? And if so to what?!!
Really appreciate any help!!!
Thanks alot!!

In the faint hope that you’ve managed to find a legal download at Mininova, we’ll provide a bit of help.

Many dvd players can handle avi files without conversion. But not all types of avi files are acceptable. If the codec used in the avi is divx or xvid, you’ll have a better chance for success in a dvd player that is certified for these types of videos.

There are still quite a few dvd players that will not playback avi files. For those you need to convert to dvd-video. Take a look at DVDFlick, AVStoDVD or FAVC for this type of conversion. All those programs are free to download and use without restrictions. All of them can be set up to burn automatically with an excellent free burning program called ImgBurn.

You don’t mention where you are located. If in the US, make sure to set your conversion program to NTSC standard in its output. Most of the rest of the world uses PAL standards for dvds.

Use good media…Verbatim is a safe choice, Sony is usually ok. Burn at a moderate speed, say 8 or 12x.