Dvd help

What’s up!! Jay911 here I’m in need of serious help and fast!!
does anyone on here know someone in the New York area.
I need some hands on help…bad
willing to pay.
I’m new to this, its my first day on cd freaks
if your reading this help me out please
thank you!! :confused:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It is a bit difficult to help if you don’t explain exactly what is the problem :wink:

Thank you geno888
I want to remove coypwrite protection on my dvd’s
do you know anyone in the new york area??
I need hands on help geno888

cdfreaks really isn’t in the business of in-home help. i don’t think it would be wise or safe to invite someone from a forum into your home. not to mention this is an international forum with a good number of members not in the United States with the odds of a NYC resident being even slimmer and that they would be willing to visit a stranger from the internet even slimmer still.

if you feel as though we can’t help you here then maybe a local newspaper ad or a craigslist posting advertising a few bucks for a college kid to come for computer help might work.

if you explain your problem though we will most likely be able to help you out.

there are plenty of programs that are great for backing up your DVDs that you’ve bought. everyone here will have different recommendations. take a few minutes and give us some more detail about what you want to do and we’ll probably be able to point you in the right direction.

What your asking for is also illegal in the U.S. Sounds fishy to me. Many tutorials and help available here. Just take some time and research it.