DVD help

Hello There
I am a complete rookie.
What would i need to download for—
I rented a movie from the store and i want to burn it
to DVD.What would i need for the copy write protection
removal.I am currently downloding Nero
I have the DVD burner.Help would really be appreciated.

To burn a copyright protected DVD, most people recommend AnyDvd from slysoft.com. They have a bundled package for their products, but you can try any of them for 21 days for free and then decide if you like it (I’ll but money on it that you will, it definitely does its job). Also, they offer CDfreaks members $10.00 off any product(s), just enter the coupon code “cdfreaks” at checkout.

Also, you may get a quicker response if you aren’t quite so general in your thread title.

:cop: copying rented movies is illegal

Welcome to the forum, but be careful dlwalker, the big guy ^ is right ^ for most countries.