Dvd help please!

I have a Sony cd-dvd r/w and I use Nero software, after burning a dvd for use like a floppy I could store and read my files with no problems. Now when I try to read the disc in explorer I get a message that my system is not ‘UDF’ compatible and to d/l a reader from nero…I tried all that plus deleted nero and re-installed it from the disk.
What’s gone wrong please??

Oh and how do I stop those pesky messages from (messenger’) when I’m on the internet please?


Are you using InCD or Drag-to-Disc? I wouldn’t recommend packet writing software. Its way too flakey in my opinion. Get a RW disc an backup you files as a data disc. You can erase it and reburn to add new files. You can get rid of Messenger. Make sure you can see hidden system files. Go into int windows folder, the inf folder. . There is a file called sysoc.inf. Open it. Look for the line that says:


Remove the word hide and the extra ,. Go into control panel and add/remove programs. Click add/remove windows components. Towards the bottom there should be a check box for messenger. Clear it. Hit next and its gone.

Thanks for your help!
I’ll give it a try, I do have a RW disc and everything was working fine with Nero, but for some reason it now comes up with the message my system isn’t UDF compatible and to download the Nero reader which I already have.
Thanks again!

The way to block these annoying messages is to disable the Messenger service. In Windows XP, you can do this through the Control Panel. Navigate to Administrative Tools | Services. Double-click on Messenger and click on Stop. Then set the Startup Type to Manual or Disable. Click on OK and the pop-up spam will be blocked.

Thanks Ghosters
You were dead right! Got real tired of spyware finding progs popping up and girls inviting me to their site! not that I’ve anything against girls of course! LOL
Thanks a million
Just got to sort my DVD RW now and the UDF prob
Regards Johnny