DVD Help Needed



Heyy ive just received a dvd but its from another region so i used anydvd( dvd Shrink doesn’t work because of limited use of region changes) and it converted the files i needed but it didnt work 100% since it came up with one error towards the end, however it finished the movie files theni converted all the files to avi so i could put them on a dvd but one of the files was still in french.

And yes it is a English movie.

My question is
Is there a programm which will allow me to get rid of all the languages set on the file and leave the English languages one?"



Using DVD Shrink with the latest version of AnyDVD should do what you want; if it’s not working then try ripping with DVD Fab. Failing that, if it’s a recent title then search the forums for help with ripping that particular movie.