Dvd hdd fab decrypter

I am trying to rip a copy of apocalypto for back up. the new version of dvd fab 6/27/2007 copies the movier to my hard drive ok. however, when i try to transfer it to a disc i get only the commentary. he movie is on my hard drive i use nero showtime to vies it. i want to transfer the movie to disc but all that transfers is he commentary. is there a way to fix this?

What program are you using to burn? Are you doing full movie? Are you burning to single layer disk or dual???

And are you talking about the audio or the subtitles? To get the right subtitles you have to select the second english subtitle.

I use nero 6. I am attempting to do the full movie with menu. I am using a single layer disc.
I did try to burn to a double layer disc and the movie came out fine. do I now have to buy double layer discs for any recent movie release? Is there a way to burn to a single layer disc?

I tried to burn the movie and i got the movie without the subtitles. I got only the mel gibson commentary with his producer discussing how the movie was made etc. when i tried to burn it to a dual layer disc it came out ok. do i have to now burn everything to dual layer discs? is there a way to still use a single layer disc? i had been backing up double layer discs to single layer discs with no problem.