Dvd HD recorder

Hi everyone, just joined interesting reading.
I must admit I am quite a novice at techy stuff but I am learning slowly.
I do have a problem, I have had a dvd Hd recorder for a year and all i do is play back dvds,but playing back my photos it says do i want to play back with music, i say yes but it says NO MUSIC FILES. I cannot put my audio(music cds) to the hard drive. Can this be done? i have tried everything to put the music on to the hd. I have a LG RH7800/RH7500

I wonder if you guys can help
Many thanks

Read the specs for your dvd player, and see which formats it supports. Then if your music is not in the correct format, convert it to where it is in the proper format. If you are unfamiliar with audio conversion, you can read up on it and find tools at www.videohelp.com.

Thank you, will have a go.