DVD Has 3 main chapters

For dual layer discs, I’ve just been using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, selecting the main segment or title and rip that to my hard drive. Then I use DVD2One to to compress to less than 4.7 gb. So far so good. Now I have a DVD that doesn’t one main segment but has 3 main chapters divided into 1 hour segments each. I need all three of them on my DVD. I can select all of the files I need in DVD Decrypter and copy those to the hard drive. But when I use DVD2One, I can only select one of the 3 titles to compress. Is there a way around this? Thanks.

Whats the movie?

It’s a PBS special -Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth”. Yes, I know I’m a geek. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this one of those rare occasions when a ‘whole DVD’ copy is called for? :wink:


@ evanburen,

Below is a link to a “Guide” that details how to join multiple episode DVD’s and/or double sided DVD’s (flippers) in to one VOB file set.

This “Guide” details how to use VobEdit and IfoEdit to join VOB files of different episodes together in to one VOB File set that will allow DVD2one to process just like a “Normal” Movie DVD with chapters.

Also if you use the “Search” button located on the top of the page you will find additional information about joining multiple episode DVD’s.