DVD Hardware Forum Guideline

Welcome to CD Freaks DVD Hardware Forum. DVD Hardware Forum is a place for posting questions, tips, information, and so on about DVD hardware devices. As it is located under International Chat: DVD+RW/-RW related inside CD Freaks forum, DVD hardware here means mainly DVD+RW and DVD-RW hardware.

CD Freaks community has some written tips, rules, and guidelines applied to every forum and here is the link for every visitor and member to read carefully (if you haven’t).

Any post and thread that violates the rules can be removed or modified without prior notice.

Post your questions as clearly as possible. Do not post the same thing in more than one forum except in situations the administrative staff says otherwise. Use the Search function whenever needed.

Thank you for visiting CD Freaks and any contribution to the forum will be always heartily appreciated. :slight_smile:

Kenny@CD Freaks

As too many threads are being created to discuss subjects that were aleady being dealt with, I will from hence on try to merge such threads in order to maintain the forum clean and easy to browse but I will be careful not to cause confusion and limit user freedom. Please try to be helpful even when you are asking questions by posting as clearly as possible.

Don’t forget to read alexnoe’s FAQ: PC DVD writers.

DVD FAQ has been revised at December 17, 2002 again. Or click this to see the DVD recordable part of DVD FAQ page first. It is not technical and may contain incomplete or outdated information but it can be also a good starting point.

Kenny@CD Freaks

As you can notice now, DVD Hardware Forum is renamed to Recording Hardware Forum. It has been done as part of the CDFreaks forum reconstruction efforts. Since it is Recording Hardware Forum, it now has both Plextor Forum and LiteOn Forum as its subforums.

See this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=68612 as well.