Dvd hardware drivers for XP



i just picked up a second hand memorex 8812AJ based DVD writer, and the driver it comes with will not run under XP.

i tried searching www.driverguide.com using various search strings, all to no avail. google just gives me ebay addresses to buy the drive. i tried to let windows install it automatically, even under compatability for win98 support, still nothing.

anyone else use this drive? anyone else no where i ca find drivers for it? both memorex us and europe sites dont have any mention of the drive either, i checked. whats worse is only the european site has driver support - the us site is all firmwares.

help! please! thanks! :smiley:


I’m no expert but I am fairly sure you shouldn’t need a driver for it other than the native Microsoft XP driver which should install once XP detects the drive. If you have tried to install a driver then uninstal it. Is the drive detected by the BIOS when the PC boots?


well, i said that i tried that out. now i wouldnt have posted for assistence if it had worked. anyway:

anyone else use this drive? anyone else no where i ca find drivers for it? both memorex us and europe sites dont have any mention of the drive either, i checked. whats worse is only the european site has driver support - the us site is all firmwares.


Nope you don’t need drivers for drives. Are you talking about a CD that cam with the drive? If so I would think that is more burning software. What does it say on the disc?

Is the drive recognised by XP? Go to control panel–>system–>hardware–>device manager look under cd/dvd rom.

Are the wires in properly, are the jumpers coprrectly set? Do you have any burning software?


Since you said you found various firmwares, have you tried upgrading it?

In a way, firmwares can act like a driver. It does improve compatibility in many cases. However, you should also know that by flashing a new firmware, you could void your warranty.


now im surprised you’re actually getting answers after the above remark. you’re obviously doing something wrong with the physical install of the drive if it’s not being detected at all. everyone who’s posted so far that you don’t need any additional drivers for optical drives connected via the IDE channel is correct (hence no drivers found on the US site).


Seems that you asked for assistance, received some good advice, ignored what was presented to you, and then criticized the process. Maybe you had better take that “second hand” drive back and purchase a new drive, have someone with the technical capability install it, and solve your problem.

If at first you don’t succeed, do it different next time! /.


no pipey, not at all. i do know a bit about what i am dealing with here, buddy.

i in fact will need drivers for burning capabilities, not for reading capabilities. no operating system has native support for burning. well, none windows based anyways. i dont know about mac’s or any crap like linux, etc.

you are bein pretty sarcastic there in your post, its easily detected, and not appreciated, either. if you cant help, or dont wish to try, please keep those kinds of remarks and comments to yourself.

ill get it going, and if people here want to make snide comments, go ahead. have fun.


Well “buddy”, you asked for drivers for your drive, not burning software to begin with. And in fact you will need “software” such as Nero or Roxio, not “drivers” to utilize your burner. And as far as being sarcastic, I was merely stating the obvious. Perhaps you had your terms confused but as you pointed out, you do know a bit about what you are dealing with here. I’m sure you will get it going and everything will work out OK.

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Just a thought, maybe the reason the drive is not detected is because it is defective? It is secondhand.
ps. you don’t need drivers, thats why the manufacturers web site does not have them. :wink: :wink: :wink:


i guess now i am just wondering if anyone else has experience with the 8812AJ based drives? thanks, folks. no hard feelings on my side. :smiley:


winxp has native cd-burning btw.


native dvd burning???


Just CD burning is built in, just like he posted.

Linux: For those able to think out side of a window /.


i dont even know how to understand what thinking <b>outside</b> of a window means. go figure, right?


It’s a paraphrase of think “outside of the box”. Humor… It loses a lot if you have to explain it…

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osmorphyus…do you have access to another computer (friend, relative, work?) you can try the drive in?

@pipemanid…love the /. quotes.


Thanks, I have been harvesting them from /. for quite a while and finally decided to start dispensing them when appropriate or when applicable.
PS How are the Bronx Bombers doing?
My Boys in Blue are starting out red hot…

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i have a few old crappers to work with. ill dink around with it, it mihgt just be a crap drive. its not showing up in my bios settings, so theres red flag one.


plus, this is just an experiemtn to see if it works. i have a maddog 6 in 1, so i dont need this, it was just dirt cheap and i like to tinker with this stuff.