DVD Hardware Cinemaster Region Crack



Hi! I have a Cinemaster C-3.0 Hardware DVD/MPEG decoder card that can only change region for like five times. Now I read somewhere on the net that there is a simple DLL hack of the Cinemaster C-3.0 Hardware Player (for the updated version from DELL). But ofcourse the fuc** link was dead.
Is there ANYONE who has this hack or knows a link that is not dead? Please, I really need to be able to play all region DVDs.
Any help greatly appreciated.




These should have some info you’re looking for. I can’t answer on the hardware crack, but DVDGenie would do it for software.<font size=0>

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Ofcourse I checked these sites first and they dont have it or link to a 404-not-found. The software region crack doesnt do any good, since i have to use a ‘hardware’ player from Cinemaster to use the hardware accelleration. There was one site which had what i wanted: a cracked version of the DLL that is used by the ‘hardware’ player to detect the region settings. The cracked DLL will detect a different region, but will play the DVD anyway.
If there is anyone who can help me with getting this cracked DLL I would be REALLY happy.
Thanks for any replies.



Hi there, have you tried remote selector from http://www.visualdomain.net ? It works with a lot of hardware.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.