DVD Hard Disk recorders

Could somebody help me? I bought a stand alone hard disk DVD recorder but it does not record to DVD only HD.

My question is can I buy now a recorder and copy my favorite movies to DVD? (yes you guessed right I am a rookie…:slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your help…

It would help to know what brand/model HD recorder you bought. Some have computer uplinks, like Replay-TV.


Originally posted by TekWiz
[B]It would help to know what brand/model HD recorder you bought. Some have computer uplinks, like Replay-TV.

Tek. [/B]

Originally posted by TekWiz
[B]It would help to know what brand/model HD recorder you bought. Some have computer uplinks, like Replay-TV.

Tek. [/B]

Yes that would probably help … Wouldn’t it?

My DVD is a DVD HDD Recorder - model DVD-H40E and it has the following jacks:

Connector Location Type Direction
AV2 Rear SCART In/Out
Audio input Rear Audio RCA In
S-VIDEO input Rear S-JACK In
Audio output Rear Audio RCA Out
VIDEO output Rear RCA Out
S-VIDEO output Rear S-JACK Out
Digital AUDIO Rear Optical Out
OUT TO TV Rear 75 Ohm. Out
IN FROM ANT. Rear 75 Ohm. In
AUX VIDEO input Front RCA In
AUX AUDIO input Front Audio RCA In

I just want to record from my VHS or Samsung’s HDD into a DVD. Can it be simply done?
Can I just reproduce the movie and capture it in DVD?
Thank you Tekwiz

Hi Patxi,

Well since all the video outputs are analog the only way to get the video into your computer is by using a video digitizer. These are widely available and cost from $50 and up. They allow you to plug in S-Video source and will digitize the video to a file on your computer. Depending on the device and software, you can create a standard DVD from this or various types of AVI files. A space-efficient format is DiVX 5. There are some new DVD players that will play this format. This format allows you to take about 2 hours of DVD video and put it on a single CD-R. (700 mb). On a DVD-R you can put about 12 hours of this format. I am unfamiliar with the ability of these new players or what the requirements are exactly.

I think that what you are looking to do is to create standard DVDs to play on standard set-top players? Then you need a digitizer with software that will create a DVD compatible file that you can burn directly to a standard DVD-R.

I noticed that LiteOn DVD drives come with DVD-IT! which easily creates high-quality DVDs from AVI files. My friend is in the wedding/photography business and he is really happy with the quality it creates–much better than a stand-alone DVD recorder from a couple years ago.

A simpler option that doesn’t involve a computer is to get one of the new LiteOn stand-alone DVD recorders:


On http://pricewatch.com I found the 5001 costs about $260. Didn’t find the 5005 yet–I don’t even know what the difference is. These have a firewire connection so you can upload your digital recordings for editing on the computer. Of course you don’t need to since they record on DVD-R/+R/RW. Panasonic has some models that have both a HD and DVD-RAM drives.

But I think you are looking for an option that won’t cost you a few hundred $ more. I don’t know if you are planning to move a lot to DVD or just an occassional show or segment. Depending on how long it takes, how fast your computer is, etc. it might be tiresome to constantly digitize data to your computer and make DVDs. So it really depends on what you are trying to do.

Another option is if you have a MiniDV camcorder with an analog video/audio input–I believe that some of these will let you feed video into the input and digitize it to their firewire port–so you can directly transfer the digitized video into the computer through a cheap $20 firewire card (some new computers have this built-in already).

Just for completeness: As for other products on the market–ReplayTV and maybe TiVO have computer uplink ports which allow you to send your recorded shows off the HD to your computer.

Considering the abilities of most computers these days, I’d say that the easiest way by far is to simply use a stand-alone unit if you plan to do this a lot.

Lemme know if this is helpful or you need more info.


Thanks Tek,
I must have not explained myself properly. What I have is a standalone DVD player that also records to HD. I allows me to record and edit TV programs (cleaning the da#?Ă‚Âż advertisment).
I though it also recorded to DVD but it does not, the DVD is only a player.
What I was asking is how to record from my HDD into a DVD recorder or even my VHS.
Can I reproduce the movies in my HDD player or VHS and record the video/audio signal out in a DVD recorder ?(standalone console.)
I am sure there is a way but so with many outs and ins is crazy and I do not know in a “standard” DVD recorder will record direct from a AUX video/audio input …
Thanks again Tek,

TekWiz had the right gist of this in his answer…:slight_smile:

The simple answer you cannot copy directly from your HDD to DVD unless the DVD is a DVD recorder. Most of the newer models out ther are recordable both…but older models I guess are not…this seems to be your case…so what to do…:slight_smile:

Just what TekWiz said…but more simplified. Pipe the video out after you have edited it as a video stream to a record device. You can do this by connecting your DVR to a VCR and record it to tape…you can do this by piping out to a video capture device connected to your computer and save it to pc’s hard drive “then burn to dvd there”.

You can even pipe it to a stand alone DVD recorder, you have the video out jacks…just pipe them to the right recorder for you, and save that video to the media you can best use now…:slight_smile:

Peace out…:slight_smile:

Yeah ZigZagMan is right. You can record the shows right now on your VHS recorder. Just hook up the VIDEO OUT and AUDIO OUT to the VIDEO IN and AUDIO IN of your VCR, play the show you want to record, and press record on the VCR. It’s that simple.

If you get a standalone DVD recorder, they have VIDEO/AUDIO in and you just do the same and record what you are playing on the HD device to a DVD in the recorder.

Hope this is clear.


I think sometimes we make this more complicated for ourselves than it need be. My dad just got a dvr/dvd recorder, it results in many calls…lol

After floating ideas setting up his house for lan, or piping to a portable hard drive…yadda yadda…he finally just said…all I want to do is burn “Dead like me” to a disk I can watch again later…

Whats cool to me, isn’t always cool to him…vice versa…i think we forget the KISS method sometimes…“keep it simple stupid :)”

Peace :slight_smile:

I am a real newby! Am I not? :wink:
Well folks thanks to all you are a bunch of “nicies” …
I guess with time and a manual I’ll end up doing all right.
Thanks again.