DVD gone superslow from one day to another



I hope somebody can help…

I’ve been backing up my DVD-collection using DVD-shrink and my DVD-writer. All’s been going well, but now suddenly i takes 3 hours to shrink a disk instead of half an hour. Just to check, I tried viewing a DVD with it, and it’s real buggy (pausing for a second, then playing a bit quicker, then the same again).

I downloaded Nero CDSpeed, which informed me that my DVD-drive speed was less than 1x !!!

Is it possible that I ‘exhausted’ my DVD-drive, or could something else (I have kids with access to this computer) be the problem? All my IDE settings have ‘DMA if available’, although one of my three secondary properties also says “Current Transfer Mode: PIO mode” for Device 0 (and “not applicable” for Device 1), but this isn’t something I can change.

The computer’s still under guarantee, but not for long. I’d rather not lose it for a week, so I figured I’d ask here first. Please help!


Looks like your drive has reverted to PIO mode and is the reason for the slow performance. Try uninstalling Device 0 in the device manger (Under IDE/ATA/Atapi controllers and reboot . Hopefully it will reinstall in UDMA mode.:slight_smile:


Right-click the Secondary IDE channel that has PIO Mode as the Current Transfer Mode on one of the devices, and click Uninstall.

Reboot, and Windows will re-detect the channel (and the drive on it), and hopefully will place it back into Ultra DMA Mode. :slight_smile:

Edit: Beaten by crossg :bigsmile:


It’s like magic! Thank you both so much!


Glad it’s fixed. :clap: :smiley: