DVD Ghost


I want to know if DVD Ghost is a good product. Is it a driver that works in background (like AnyDVD) or like DVD Region+CSS Free that trap the API when reading from CD.


Do you mean this? http://www.dvdxghost.com/
No, it isn’t. It is complete crap.

Last time I checked, it was an API hooker like “DVD Region + CSS Free” (OMG, I hate that name… it couldn’t be any longer?), but not working as good. It is from the morons that make the “fake” CloneDVD. You’ll be better off with DVD43 for free. If you want the best commercial product, get the “real” thing: AnyDVD

Hi Tru!

I already purchased AnyDVD, just seen this apps (DVD Ghost or DVD X Ghost) last week. They also have CloneDVD (not the same by Slysoft). Why they take the same name as the popular CloneDVD by Slysoft…Is it legal (DVD X Studios)?