DVD games

Why is it that when I back up my kid’s DVD movies the movies play fine but the games don’t work. That is, the DVD ROM games don’t play on the computer and the games designed for play on the television don’t work either.

I use either CloneDVD or DVD shrink to rip and I use Nero to burn.


The games have more sophisticated copy protection than the movies. Therefore you have to use more advanced methods of copying them.

I don’t think that you really mean that the games play “on the TV” either. They are probably for the XBox, Playstation, etc. If you want help copying them, please post the titles of the games as well as the systems they run on. (The TV is not a system. It’s just what displays the video output.)

I"m copying DVDs that have what is sometimes described as “Bonus Features”. For example the “Strawberry Shortcake - Best Pets Yet” movie also has “Berry Special Friends Game”. If I remember correctly, that game is played by clicking the menu selection with the remote control on your DVD player and when the game starts the kids continue playing using the DVD player (as a system?) and the television to monitor the game.

Another example of games included with the DVD is “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas”.
That DVD includes several games that are played in the same way using the DVD player (as a system?) and the television to monitor the game. The DVD also includes features that work with a DVD ROM and a computer. Some of those are easily copied by opening the DVD in Windows Explorerer and finding the directories and game files but not all.

So, if I want to copy the original DVDs and put them up so they don’t get scratched, broken or lost and let the kids play with the copies they can’t play the games and are not happy.

I cannot figure out how to copy the games that don’t require a computer. They are simple and don’t seem worth it but the kids like them and want them.

Even copying the DVD with all menus intact and what I would describe as a real “clone”, the games are there but the remote control will not work on the menu selections. It will on the movie menus but not the games. You can get to the games but you can’t play them.

So, if anyone knows how could share that information with me I would really appreciate it.



@ Maggie99
First thing you need to find out is if the original DVD is a Double layer DVD ? If it is then you need to make a exact Clone on the same size disk as the original with Clone DVD to be able to play the games on your back up. If you are shrinking the content from a Double layer down to a single layer DVD , yes the Movie will still play OK but you have also shrunk the data content for the game part of the DVD and it won’t play because it’s missing some of the data it needs to play the game. Don’t use Nero to burn the DVD use Clone DVD to rip and burn. let us know if it works or not.

I have found that copying kid’s movies rarely requires compression. I don’t know if it is the length of the movie or if animation takes less space but on most cartoon DVDs it isn’t needed. When using DVDClone if compression is necessary and it reads over 80% I switch to DVDshrink and split the movie into 2 discs. Especially if the animation is just plain good looking and you don’t want to lose any quality.

But the cartoon DVDs with games that I have copied required no compression except for the mickey mouse one. It came up at 80% and while keeping the menus I unchecked some previews in DVDClone and reached 100%, hoping I had not inadvertantly missed some data required for the games.

How do I find out if a DVD is double layer? I have a lite-on 811s and I don’t do double layers. If the disc copies in its entirety on a 4 + gig can you assume it is single layer? On most of the discs where the games don’t play compression was’nt necessary. So, my question is, if it copies at 100%, without compression and with menus can you still expect the games to work or is being double layer still an issue?

Also, Why not Nero? I got used to using it back when you had to set the bitsetting manually for the liteon burner. I couldn’t do that with DVDClone. The firmware version i am using now makes all discs rom so maybe I should try burning with Clone



I did some work with “Mickeys” DVD. It is double layer. I compared the files on the orginal with the files on the copy. Only the audio and video directories were on the copy. The original had the games files and folders that contained the DVD ROM content.

When Clone copies it only includes the audio and video even when you select a clone. I ripped it again and found this to be true. To burn in clone you can’t insert the other files. At least I didn’t find a way to do it. So, I ripped again and in the folder with the video and bogus audio I included the rest of the files from the original DVD and using Nero I was able to burn all of the files on a disc.

So the video file was compressed (80%) but the other files were not. Putting the copied disc into a standalone player the games did not play but when I put the disc in one of my computers they played quite well. Even the DVDROM games played perfectly.

The question still remains, however, why will the games not play on the stand alone dvd players?

Guess I’m on my own with this one.

Anyway, when you select “Clone” in the DVD clone menu you won’t get a clone even if you have a DL burner and disc.