DVD/Game owners like the packaging

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One drawback with purchasing games and movies as downloads is that these lack the physical packaging that come with the same titles purchased in the shops. To determine whether consumers…

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I have to admit, I’ve all my packaging nicely lined up Some are collectors items to me as they are so nice to look at. Still I wonder how many people would really buy something just because it has such nice packaging,while you can get it for free or is that just a pirate brain?

Nice packaging is sexy depending on it’s appeal to the eyes, I myself love owning the orignial package so I can copy it or pass it on to a loved one.

Maybe it’s the tequila and grape juice, but I understood nothing of what you just said. Seriously.

Hihi, tuna and tequilla, I get to know you better all the time :bigsmile:

…the average video game collection has 48 titles.

Are there even that many games on DVD that are worth playing? Most games I have purchased have been on CD. A few have been on DVD. I would think my household is middle class, if not slightly higher. We might have a total of 5-10 movies on DVD and 5 or less games on DVD. I guess folks spend their hard earned money differently than me. I prefer to waste my money on beer and cigs :o

Some people are obsessed with DVD packaging and go to extremes to ensure such packaging matches, is not damaged and fits nicely on the shelf … to look at. These are the type of people that buy DVDs blindly and keep them in shrinkwrap for years so they can … look at them.


Yeah but you’ve got people who buy toys and keep them in shrinkwrap, what’s your point? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you that DVDs are meant to be watched, not to keep wrapped up for display

Yeah, I keep all the packaging for every item I purchase. Half the time, the box is the sole reason I get it in the first place. :wink:

But seriously, it’s what’s inside that really matters. Hehe. It is funny that people treat the boxes with such care as if they will appreciate in value over time. Movie when it first hits shelves = $18. Movie after a few years < $10. What’s even funnier is people that buy shelving for the boxes. LOL. When you start having over 1000 or you ever plan to move, trust me … you’ll hate all of those boxes.

I have over 600 store-bought DVDs and I figure about 30 of them are still unopened. One movie, Rocky IV, was purchased in Dec. 1999. Another, Lawrence of Arabia, was bought in 2000. It isn’t that I like to look at pretty covers on the shelf, I just don’t have the time. It’s either watch movies or haunt the dreams of visitors to this site. I can’t do both.