DVD Game Backup

Hi all

Trying to backup a DVD Game I got for xmas Who Wants to be a Millionaire 3rd edition.

I have decrypted and went to put through DVD Shrink but got warning saying file to big may not be able to burn. I let it run on automatic as don’t know any other way and when trying to burn with Nero it is larger than the 4500mb. Any ideas greatly appreciated.



DVD Shrink is for video and not data and as such cannot process the disc your feeding it.
If Nero is saying that it’s too big to fit on a DVD then you will more than likely have to run it from an image or burn it with some dual layer media. (DVD+DL or DVD-DL)

Thanks for the reply nitewish

I have successfully backed up other dvd games this way Bullseye and the same game I am having problems with only 2nd edition. This is a dvd game meant to be played on dvd but I think I will try a DL as u suggested do most stand alone dvds read these ok.



My apologies for assuming it wasn’t a video dvd game. Since it is a video disc and DVD Shrink seems to not be compressing it enough, perhaps you could try CloneDVD trial?

If you want to just burn it with a dual layer disc then if you look up your brand and model of dvd player here, hopefully it’ll be listed and you can find out if it can play dual layer discs.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Tried for hours trying to back up wwtbam on single layer,a working copy cannot be done,use dl as suggested and it works perfectly.

Thanks Guys much appreciated :bigsmile: