DVD From TIVO not clear

I am trying to record some football games off my TIVO and the DVD’s are coming out somewhat jumpy and not as clear as I hoped they would. I recorded the games on High Quality on the TIVO.
I captured them with Virtualdub 1.5.10 with the Divx MPEG-4 Low Motion Codec.
I use TEMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress to edit and encode in NTSC format in 4:3 aspect ratio with a 720x480 image resolution and 9200 bitrate.
I use TEMPGEnc DVD Author to author and burn.

Do you have any suggestions on settings or different software I could use?
Thank you in advance.

You should capture with a lossless codec. HuffyUV is a free option that will save you a bit of space over uncompressed video.

Thanks. I see it makes a huge file. Each quarter of the game before commercial edit is about 8GB. What can I use to shrink the file so that I can put 2 quarters on a DVD?

To make the DVD playable in a standalone, you will have to reencode to MPEG2 anyway. Go on using TMPGenc like you had before. Your only problem was that by capturing with Divx, you took video that had already been encoded in MPEG2 once (by your TIVO), compressed it again, presumably with a low bitrate in MPEG4, and then reencoded once more in MPEG2 with TMPEGenc. Every time you reencode with a lossy codec, information is permanently lost.

If space is an issue, try running through the process till you get the DVD compatible MPEG2 ES files out of TMPGenc and do each quarter separately so the amount of uncompressed video on your HD is limited to one quarter at a time. The end result files should by comparison be relatively tiny.

TY, I am trying the Huffyuv codec now. Hopefully that will be better

You should look into transfering the actual TiVo file over the network to your PC, then just editing out the commercials and burning it to DVD. You need software that changes the TiVo codec to MPEG-2, but it doesn’t re-encode. It will look just like it was playing LIVE, no loss. Google it.