DVD from Sony HXD870


Have been a user of DVDFAB for a number of years, but now am stumped by somthing.

I recently traded in my liteon dvd recorder for a new Sony HXD870. I copied (in sony language ‘dubbed’) a programe I had recorded onto a DVD. I wanted to rip it and encode it for storage. I used the Video format and finalised the disc.

However DVF fab seems to think the disc is empty, it shows no files to be ripped. The DVD works fine in PowerDVD and if I use explorer I can see the usual video_ts folder with mpeg2 files in there, but DVD Fab doesn’t seem to pick them up.

The disc is labeled as LOGICAL VOLUME IDENTIFIER. Would that make any difference ?

Thanks for any help, I did search to see if anyone had the same problem, so sorry it it’s a duplicate ask and I didn’t find the original !

I suggest that you copy the ifo files from your dvd using windows explorer & send them to the program authors.

the disc label should not affect things - that is just a text field.