Dvd from camcorder

Hi, I am very new at this. I am trying to take video from sony dv camcorder and put on the computer to burn to dvd. I am using a sony dvd burner. the software that came with it is nti dvdrw maker. Should i put vedio on the computer in a avi format? I tried to burn it with the video in .wmv format , didn’t work.

dv to dvd guides @

Is there a simple way to transfer video from my camcorder tape to a dvd disk ?

Take a look at DVDSANTA at www.videohelp.com, it is a one step no frills from dv to dvd. Decent quality, just start it and then goto bed… takes a while.

Thanks for the link. It looks like it would work good except it will only let me burn to dvd+r or dvd+rw. I am trying to burn to dvd-rw. I’m i missing something ?

I think i found my problem. I did not know i could not burn video to dvd-rw, only data. Is that correct. I’ll need to get some dvd-r.

DVDR, DVDRW, + or - all can burn either DVD-Data or DVD-Video.
Not all standalone DVD player can recognize all the above formats, but all should play on PC DVD drive.

Look again at the program that you got from Sony, read carefully what it can do. maybe what you want? at least it sounds so, as I am not amiliar with it.

I didn’t get a program from sony. I bought my dvd burner as a oem, not retail so i didn’t get any info. I did burn video on a dvd-rw but i didn’t get any audio on it. I’m using divx to dvd and nero 6. I’m just going to keep playing with it.