Dvd from a mpg file

I have a video file in .mpg format ( i have no ideea if it is 1 or 2). It is 4 minutes long and has about 160 MB.
I edited this file with ulead video studio and want to convert it to DVD format. ( i need it to be played by a stand-alone DVD palyer, regardless of codecs and other stuff)
Can you please give me any clues on how to do that?

Since it is a small mpeg you can use Nero and burn it to a SVCD. Just select VCD or SVCD in the window that opens when you launch Nero.

No need to waste a DVD on such a small film, 99% of players play SVCD too.

You can of course burn it to a DVD using Nero if you want to. Then you just select DVD-Video from the list.

what Airhead said…:slight_smile:

price per disk…cd-r as an svcd or vcd is the way to go…this one…:slight_smile:

cd-r on vcd can hold about 60 minutes video with sound…:slight_smile:
…and playable as te other post said…most stand alone players

Originally posted by Airhead
No need to waste a DVD on such a small film, 99% of players play SVCD too.

I wouldn’t say even close to 99%.
To play SVCD’s the DVD player has to be capable at spinning (and reading) at 2x. Only one of my three DVD players can read SVCD’s.

While i can’t speak if Ssseths experience…it is true that “many” old set tops cannot play vcd format…but most of the newer ones do here in the states. If it says on the box…supports “video disk”…and also says supports “cd-r” you got a set top box that can play s/vcds in most cases…:slight_smile: