DVD from a hard drive

Please excuse the dumb question. How do I burn all or part of a DVD onto a hard drive so I may play it back both smootlhy and with no loss of audio or video resolution? I have enough space to cover my needs, but don’t know how to begin. Any link to directions and known pitfalls will be appreciated.


Rip the Whole DVD including the Whole DVD Structure with SmartRipper to your HD… for example to the folder c:\DVD and then Run in command prompt subst x: c:\DVD and then you can play the whole DVD from your HD… :slight_smile:



Thanks Bytes 4U.

How about just segments? My fantasy is to string together a series of short clips so I can do a demonstration showing different types of program material. In a perfect world, I’d be able to fade in and out, but I don’t have any problem anticipating cuts as they come and riding the playback system controls during playback. In this way I can show strengths and weaknesses in playback systems at dealers by just walking in with my laptop, plugging the SPDIF into the sound system, the VGA into the projector, boot up and go.

I’d use the same technique for a sales and set up training.

Someday, I hope to make demo discs for my own use, but this should do fine. Plus, guy in the tech world like toys, so the laptop gets more attention and doesn’t get asked for like a disc would.


With SmartRippert you can rip also segment please read the help or here or here

Many thanks. If you ever have high end av questions, drop me a line, that’s my long suit.