DVD freezing

Hi There!

I´ve encountered a problem with some DVD´s (mostly special edition DVD´s with directors cut). When I burn such a DVD, it can happen, that the DVD is freezing when I play it on a stand alone DVD player (I´m playing my DVD´s on PS3). Thats really strange, because it happens, as I said, only with SE DVD´s (where you can choose between the extended version and theatrical version of the Movie). For example, this happens by the DVD “Alien 2” or “5th Element”. I tried to burn such DVD´s in all ways (I even tried to clone the DVD), but the problem still occurs.

If you have a Lieon or benq burner, perform a quality scan using nero cd dvd speed.
If not, make a TRT scan.

I did. No problems, Disc is fine

Now i checked. That happens allready at ripping (i played the movie from my harddisc).

It´s definitive a problem of DVD Fab. I Ripped now the same DVD (alien 2) with the old “DVD Decrypter” tool. Now the movie doesn´t freeze anymore. Perhaps the DVDfab Crew should test this.

Mikey123 you need to send the IFO files to them so they can find out what is wrong.