DVD freezing playback on multiple DVD players

First off, I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I wasn’t sure where to post this type of question. Please move (or close) this thread if I messed up.

Now, this is my problem: the DVDs I backup often have a part (usually at the end of an “episode”) that I am forced to skip. For example, if I backup a Smallville DVD, and I’m watching the 3rd episode on the disc, near the end of the episode the dvd will just freeze - get stuck on a frame, and no sound. The only way for me to skip this is to go to the next chapter (I can’t FF through it). I usually end up skipping chapters, then rewinding back to the point just after the freeze. This happens when I watch the DVD on my computer (cyberlink PowerDVD), on my old Toshiba DVD player (I can get the model number if necessary), and on my newer Sony DVD-R (ditto regarding the model number).

So far, this only happens with DVDs that have “episodes” - most of the movies I have backed up do not exhibit this problem, where as most of the DVDs containing episodes do (though not all). For each of these DVDs, I used my computer to backup & burn the discs.

The software I use:
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink 3.2
My burner:
SONY DRU-710A (firmware BYX2)
The DVDs I use:
SONY DL +R, Verbatim DL +R (checked with dvd info, they both had same code)

I never burn on the fastest possible speed. Usually select the slowest.
So far, the problem I have described above has happened with many DVDs of the following series’: Heroes, The Office, House, Smallville

What exactly is the issue I am experiencing? Is this common, or not? Is it something that can be fixed with software/firmware, or is my burner (or DVD choice) the problem? I doubt it is my DVD players since they are different, and the DVDs exhibit the same problem on both (and also, on the computer when played via PowerDVD).

I’d appreciate any help or advice.

Just a fast reply:

There is an update to your firmware (link is below) and do not burn at the slowest speed. Here is an excellent bit of reading.



Here’s an option to try. Use DvdFab HD Decrypter to do a full rip to your hard drive, (make sure it says Dvd9 in the box in the left hand corner). This will produce an AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folder. Burn with ImgBurn, browsing to the VIDEO_TS folder.