DVD Freezing During Playback

I am have been distributing DVDs for approx. 6 months using the following equipment with 100% success:

PC: HP Pavillion 3200+
DVD: HP 8x +RW
Media: Memorex & Durabrand 8x 4.7GB +R

This past week I have begun receiving calls from customers who indicate that the DVDs are freezing approx. half way through the 1-hour movies.

I confirmed last night that using an Emerson model EWD-7003 the movie simply freezes around the 20 minutes mark.

I have twin DVD players I use and test the movies with … a Sony & a Samsung. Neither of these exhibit a problem.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


You will need to start eliminating possible causes one by one.

The single biggest cause of DVDR incompatibility is media quality. You need to be sure that your DVD+Rs are of a reasonable dye quality. You do this by identifying the media code (use dvdinfopro to ascertain this). Unfortunately Memorex are one company who change disk suppliers (they don’t actually make disks, they buy them in and rebrand them) which is why you need to identify the DYE used. One can purchase disks at two different times that look identical but you end up with disks that are vastly different in quality. I’ve never heard of durabrand so they may be a cheaper brand?

If you have recently started a new batch of disks, there could be one or two issues. Either the disks are crap, or they are a newer dye type that your burner is not familiar with. Check the burner manufacturer’s website for a firmware update which may help if this is indeed the problem.

Let us know how you get on.


When you say distribute you do mean dvds of your own making and not other makers material.

What’s the point of that post? Besides being none of your business, nobody is going to be stupid enough to admit on a public board if such material was copyrighted or not.