DVD Freezes

I am using verbatim media, an lg burner and player is also lg, the problem I am having is that when the dvd is played, it freezes. To keep playing I have to stop the movie, turn the dvd player off and back on. Is this normal behaiviour?
It only happens with backed up dvd’s, not with regular dvds, it does not happen on the computer either.
I have used dvd shrink, clonedvd2, shrinkto5, etc. They all do the same thing. Any advice?


what is the rated speed of your verbatim media and what speed have you burned it at?

what brand/mdel number if your dvd burner?

what firmware does your burner have?

to ensure smooth playback you should always use quality media (verbs are quality), you should burn at the rated speed of the media or close to it, and you should make sure you have the latest firmware for your drive. firmware updates can be obtained from teh manufacturer’s website.

if your burner is on the older side or if you’ve never updated your firmware and you’re using 16x media check for firmware updates or burn at 8x speed.

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You might check the CD Freaks LG Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=91) for assistance with firmware for your unspecified LG DVD Burner.


The burner is an LG GSA-H10L
The media is rated for 16x burn and I am burning at 2.4x (just because).
Firmware Version LL10

Thanks again.

Burning a 16x media @2x almost always give very bad results.

Try to burn these discs @12x; usually verbatim 16x media give best results when burned @12x, or @16x

Thanks, seems that worked! I am going to try again with a movie that was not working and see how it comes up.

As stated by geno, sometimes burning too slow can just as bad as burning too fast. With advancements in quality of media coupled with the quality drives that are now available higher burn speeds can be reached with better results.