Dvd freezes

sometimes my burned dvd freezes in a couple of spots during playback
Burner is LG super multi DL media is Ritek I only burn at 4X…OS Win XP home 512 ram.
can someone please offer help

Most likely bad media.

Try Some TY/mitsubishi/verbatim/Maxell (or generally just “made in Japan” media (look in the bargain basement).

Please run the start->ahead/nero->toolkit->infotool.

It will tell us almost everything we need to know to solve the problem.

At the moment, we know practically nothing about your burner, system, or even the software you are burning with.

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Only 4x is usually a not so great idea, too. What speed is the disc supposed to be?

Post the exact model number of your LG & the Media ID of the Riteks. Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & the Disc info tab to get this.