Dvd freezes

after i burn try to watch dvd on t.v. it freezes about 4-6 sec. after movie start.however i can skip to next track and it fine but im missing the start of or 1st track of movie… im using xcopy xpress with anydvd…

Apparently your DVD-player has trouble reading the first part of the burned disc. Which media (brand, mediacode) are you using?

BTW, be nice to the people in the Living Room, mmkay? :wink:

Does this happen with every movie or is it a one off…

ever6y movie

this happens with every movie ive burned so far

i dont think you understood what he was refering to,i believe it was whether this happens in burned movies that worked fine before and in originals also,not if this happens to every movie you burned just recently

oh also NOTE! this only happens with sony movies…

only happens with burnt movies… org are fine… but only happens with movies put out by sony pic’s