Dvd freezes towards end

Some of my recently burned DVDs (using TDK 4x+r) freeze towards the end. (last 15 min. or so). Is this an issue with the media? or my firmware (liteon411s fs0f).

What is the best firmware for wide compatibility with DVD+R. I don’t care about -R or RW. thanks.

What device are you using for playback: dvd-rom drive, stand-along player or the burner?

I am using Phillips DVD player 727 I think.

It supposed to read +R fine. That is why I got the DVD player.
The skipping/freezing happens on my computer DVD rom as well as the DVD burner(liteon 411S).

Strangely, some of these problematic DVDs are not even readeable by my DVD-ROM or DVD burner but it reads by the Phillips DVD player, that is untill the last 15 mins. or so when it just freezes.

I think I am starting to see a trend. Mostly TDK 4x +R are giving problems. Memorex and Fuji have been immaculate.

I was using firmware FS02 but since yesterday (when I found about this freezing problems) updated to FS0F. Doesn’t seem to make a difference with the problem though… Using a memorex 4x +r disk, I was able to back up the movie (Grand Illusion) fine.

try updating your firmware of the 411S to FSOJ , TDK +R works fine on most 411S you might just have a bad batch of blanks

sound like the disks to me you could try burning at a slower speed ,have known this to fix a lot of problem

some thing for you to think about is

what will not play in 1 dvd player will prob play in a diffance player (had this a few time my self)