DVD Freezes on 1 Stand-Alone plays fine on another

Hi, I am a newbie. This is my second post (after saying hi in the intro thread.) I just got a DVD Burner, it is a philips SPD2410BD which I understand is actually a rebranded LiteOn. I am using Nero 7 with FujuFilm 16x +R discs. I burned a DVD and it plays fine on my computers. It freezes at a certain point on my stand alone player. I took it to my mom’s and it plays fine on her stand alone (and hers is older than mine), so it is only my stand alone (Toshiba SD-3990SU) that so far it isn’t working on. I reduced the burn speed to 8x (or maybe 6x I forget) and tried again but it freezes in exactly the same place on my new disc (it is a series of video MPGs that I made a disc of using Vision.)
I am new to this (not new to CDR burning though but this is a whole new game.) I have been reading over the last 24 hours that Verbatem discs are the best - could it be my media? Or could it be my firmware? Or, maybe my stand alone just isn’t going to like homemade discs whatever I do. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Welcome to CDfreaks. It could be your media & it could be your stand-alone player, or a combination of both.
I have had the same problems myself. Use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media, they are the best. Also some standalone DVD players dont like certain disks. Experiment.
Usually if you are using so so media, if it pixelates or freezes then you might be able to save some of them by compressing your movies to like 4300mb, that will keep your info approx. 1/8" away from the edge of the disk. Crappy disks will sometimes have wobble and it is worse on the outside of the disk. Have saved a lot of media this way.
Happy burning

Either use DVD-R or if you are useing DVD+R make sure you have set the buring process to be for DVD-ROM.

Thanks Liquid and TCAS for the tips!