DVD freezes last 10mins playback




I’ve been using AnyDVD for some time now and up till late last year, everything was ok! I’m using AMD Athlon 2600+, 1gb ddr, XP, matshita DVD-Ram sw-9571, AnyDVD, Nero 6, Instant CD/DVD.
My problem is that DVD’s that have been re-authored and burnt using Anydvd and DVDshrink, have started to freeze about 10 minutes before the end of the film on playback. Thinking this was due to a note on an earlier update of AnyDVD saying to use CloneDVD to avoid problems. I thought this must be the cause. Did a complete new harddrive format/install incase of conflicts I’ve just finished a trial period with CloneDVD and this freezing is still present on playback. I thought it might be the compression playing up at burning, but the last DVD burnt was well under 4GB without the need for compression.
The files saved to the hard drive seem to playback ok. The problem is with playback of the burnt DVD.
Can anyone shed some light on this problem? The coasters are mounting up! :a

Many thanks



Can you use Nero CD-DVD Speed test program and see if you get errors?
What media you used? (type, brand, MID)
Have you tried other DVD players?


Probably a media issue. Crappy media tend to go bad near the end of the movie (outermost region of the DVD). Try ANY Made in Japan media from TDK, FUJI, MAXELL, and SONY. Also burn at 4X when testing.


I’ve been using bulkpaq 4x DVD-R for ages! I’ve used different batches of the same brand since this problem started. Playback on pc with powerdvd or nero, is the same as on stand alone DVD player (Cyberhome)


Crap media. Garbage in, garbage out.


try to burn with 1x speed only



Definitely sounds like crap media IMO-

Try Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell medias-

“Good Media = Good Burns” - and - “Crap Media = Crap Burns”



used tdk 8x, all DVD freeze at the end of the movie, i burn them at 4 x…and now it works great.