DVD freezes in player HELP!

i have a double-layer memorex dvd burner. i use maxell 8x DVD+R blank dvds. I play the dvds on a Sony 400-disc changer. I have burned about 150 dvds and when i started to wach them they skip and freezes about the middle of the movie. What am i doing wrong??? I use DVD Shrink 3.2 for software. What setting or prefrences should i use??? I dont understand what automatic, cutom, or custom ratio quality mean??? Should i deep analize??? Should i use different blank media??? How do i change the speed of the burning??? What exCT;Y DOES THE SHRINKING DO AND DOES AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE MOVIE??? What do the red and green bars mean on the top of the screen??? I am good with computers but this has becomne a total nightmARE!!! HELP!!! :confused: :sad:

Suggest you download the newest versions of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.
They offer a generous trial period, the greatest support forum going, and when new copy protection comes along, they often have a resolution within hours.
All of this, and a great package price, prompts a huge thumbs up.

@ mx4life321,

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You are posting in the CloneDVD Forum and although you fail to mention that you are using the CloneDVD software it is assumed that you are.

To prevent any confusion visit SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) and download the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs. When posting at the Forum provide the name and versions numbers of the software programs you are using to make your back of copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

If I assumed incorrectly that somewhere in your Commercial DVD Movie Title back up process that you are using CloneDVD and you are not in fact using the CloneDVD software program, as stated above this is the CloneDVD Forum as such this Forum is focused on providing support for the CloneDVD software program. If in fact you are solely using the DVD Shrink software program this forum is not the appropriate Forum to seek assistance with DVD Shrink software program. The correct CD Freaks Forum is the Copy DVD Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=62).

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