DVD Freeze



I have burned some DVD movies with my NEC ND-3520A burner using Nero and when I play them back on my DVD player, they always freeze round about the last 3/4 chapters of the DVD.

I have the DVD on a different player and the same happens, I have tried different DVD-R media - Arita (Ritek G05), PioData (Ritek G05), DataWrite Classic (Fujifilm03) - and have even changed DVD burner, as originally I had a Liteon SOHW-832S. I have also tried using different software, I tried using CopyToDVD instead of Nero but still no change.

The only other thing I can think of that maybe causing an issue with playback is heat. Both of the players I have used have had a VCR or something similar stuck on top of them, would this cause problems during playback if it is overheating ???

I am at a loss of what else to try :confused:


This could be caused, by the media, second by the player!
I’d try another brand of media, none of these you mentioned, i’d recommend some
TY media, and what for burnin speed you’re usin!


I’ve been burning DVD’s at 4x speed, but even at this speed there’s no difference. Playback on my PC is fine, it’s only with the DVD player I’m having problems. I’m going to update the firmware on my drive first as I’ve never updated since I purchased it, and see if that has any effect.

Also, what about burning software, I normally use Nero but I’ve noticed that not a lot of people seem to like it any more. Can anyone recommend some good alternative software ??



If I may suggest - as your problem can be considered as a known one - please, change the media (Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh, just few to mention) and the burning software (CloneDVD2, for instance) before you update your firmware. It is worth trying.

Good luck.


Thanks, I’ll try that first. :slight_smile:


I’ve managed to find some Taiyo Yuden DVD-R on the net, but they seem to be difficult to get hold of in the UK. The ones I found are unbranded, but I have read that there are a lot of fake Taiyo Yuden DVD’s being sold. The Ricoh DVD’s were slighly easier to find so I’ll try some of those to start off with.

The majority of DVD-R seems to be all Ritek,CMC or MCC dyes, and I haven’t had any success with Ritek, and I don’t know whether the other 2 are any good.

Also, what about Sony, TDK, Maxell are they any good ?? or can you recommend any other brands ??

Is DVD+R any better than DVD-R ?? I haven’t used any yet so I wondered if it would be worth switching ?



RICOH is a very good brand. Actually my favorite. I have my best results with DVD+R media.



If you can get some Fuji - Made In Japan - you will be getting real Taiyo Yuden media - also buy from a reputable vendor (do search in here - there are many recommendations for the UK vendors)



Another thing to check is your source file. I used dvdshrink and dvdcrypter to make a copy of one of my movies one time. I made the original image to my hard drive (from the actual movie), using dvdshrink. I burned on 3 or 4 different medias, and different burners, and they all had the same damn error. So, I deleted the disk image, and tried starting all over from scratch. First burn was perfect. Something happened on the original transfer from dvd to hard drive. Sometimes it’s best to start over from square 1… :wink:


Set the booktype of DVD+R media to DVD-ROM and stick to 4x burn speed. Some lousy Sony units have problem reading burned media. Avoid Sony. Most Pioneers are very good readers.


If you want some TY +R media go to www.aprmedia.com.